Je Suis

January 8, 2015 § Leave a comment

To understand the impetus for this piece,  it’s sort of necessary to know my background.   I’m a former news reporter. I spent my formative years in late Cold-War Europe.  And political cartoonists have always been heroes of mine. By the time I was 10, I was collecting Bloom County and Pat Oliphant works, when my peers were snarfing up Garfield and the Care  Bears. By 8th grade I was doodling my own cartoons. I fell in love more though, with the written word.   I think now, with my snark and artistic penchant, I missed my news calling.

So while I got out of newspapers more than a decade ago, the massacre in Paris at Charlie Hebdo hit home.

So to honor those who pursued humor as their life’s work, in the vein of free expression … Je Suis Charlie.


Products –

Liquitex gesso (black and white)
Liquitex gloss medium
Cadmium Red Medium
Cerulean Blue
Mars black (glaze)
Iridescent Silver
Linen tags (stash)
Random feather (stash)


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