Kittehs and old friends …

January 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

An old friend of mine, who I played youth group volleyball and learned how to not blow up Mrs. Varner’s Chem lab with in high school shared this quote with me today. She said she was driving and saw it on a billboard. When I saw the message from Brigitta, it came at a point where I needed it. She always has had amazing timing. All elements, minus the quote, are Club Scrap Fossils Digital Remix.

The second layout is from the same digital kit. This is me, napping with my kittyboy Dermot. Dermot’s an interesting guy. He picked me out from the cage at the Pet Smart rescue and adoption center about five years ago. I always go in and make a donation and usually play with the cats to help keep them socialized. He kept smacking me through the gate. I took him out and couldn’t put him down. Eventually I convinced my now-estranged husband (by phone nonetheless) that I had to bring this kitten home. And he’s been like a child to us ever since. Tomorrow he’ll be going to live with his daddy in his new place, and I’ll miss him terribly. Particularly his snuggles.


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