New Design!

September 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

So, in the course of researching new photoshop techniques and designing a logo for my blog, I stumbled upon a couple great sites. Of course, Adobe’s photoshop exchange for some really neat styles and actions, and this great tutorial by Kevin & Amanda on creating custom blog templates (with blogger and wordpress instructions).

To create this design, I actually started with a feather “pick” of peacock and other feathers from JoAnn’s fabrics and a plaster Mardi Gras masque I picked up at a yard sale for a buck. I repainted the masque black, and had planned to decorate it by hand with beads, pearls, feathers and lace — but decided to play digitally instead with some of the elements. Scanning a three-inch thick masque just wasn’t going to cut it, and that was before embellishing. So I scanned half of the masque and the feathers, did a lot of clean up, then “hand beaded” the mask with brush techniques in photoshop. I hit the “stained glass” style I downloaded from Scrappin’ Cop to the teal and green backgrounds I color-picked from the feathers. I added feathers as “border embellishments” instead of the tutorial template’s stitches. I chose an art-deco font for the header because frankly, something about the peacock feathers, the masque and the stained glass look made me think of the Roaring 20’s and an art deco vibe.

I also want to give a special shout out to my cohorts at the Club Scrap forums who’ve helped me learn, relearn and tweak my skills to the point I’m ready to share it with the world! If you’re looking for inspiration, design ideas, amazing techniques or just some really cool crafters and designers, I encourage you to check them out!


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